1963-era Air Conditioning “Shot and Irreplaceable”


We have the a/c units band-aided and running for the Masses and they are working fine, as of Sunday morning when I turned them off. I have one more group coming in on Monday to give a proposal on what I should do and will have all proposals in to my be Friday so I can then discuss this with the Diocese due to the expense this is going to cause. Pray it will be reasonable! I have already received one gift this weekend that will go toward it.

My dear Parishioners,

For those of you who attended either of the Masses here last weekend you are aware, I am sure, that the Church was warmer than normal and that there was a loud noise coming from the ceiling. Many of you commented to me on if I was alright considering that I had to leave the Altar during the Masses. Let me assure you, I am fine. However, upon consultation with and inspection by our HVAC contractor, SUPER HEAT, I was told that one of the units in the ceiling, a air handler, which was manufactured and probably installed in 1963 was SHOT and IRREPLACEABLE.
The parts that are vital to it are no longer made and are trying to be replaced by a machine shop in order to “band-aid” the situation, it will not fix the problem. I currently do not have an estimation on the cost of this band-aid.

In order to keep the Church as comfortable as possible, I have reduced the lighting in the Church to what I consider to be an absolute minimum. This will help keep it cool as we are only operating with only half a system. The ceiling units, as I said, were installed at the same time. After 54 years of running, they are tired. One has already given out, I would expect the other do so in short order.

In order to prepare for this major expense, that I have not budgeted for in this new fiscal year, I come to you, our parishioners.

During the month of August, each weekend of August, there will be a separate second collection that will be designated for the Air Conditioning. All parish envelopes are to be placed in the first collection with the second being for donations toward this. Please put your donation for this in a white envelope with your name on it and mark it “2nd Collection”. Please be as generous as possible.

Fr. Clifton E. Bishop, Jr., Pastor
617 Pierce St. Bethlehem PA 18015
Email: cbishop@allentowndiocese.org
610-866-3391, ext. 4

You will be reminded of the collection in the pre-Mass announcements as well as in the bulletin.

Do we have the money in our investments to take care of this? Yes, we do. But in order to keep the level of investments at these levels, I need to come to you and ask for your help.

What I have been advised of, cost-wise, to replace the units, is that possibly we are looking at $50,000 to $60,000 at a minimum. I have asked for estimates on the job from our own vendor, as well as Apollo Heating and Cooling and I will talk to Dieter Brothers this coming week. Because of the apparent size of the expenditure the Diocese will require these estimates before giving approval.

Believe me, my friends, as I know more, know that you will also be told.

God bless!
Fr. Cliff