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St. Vincent dePaul Society at Incarnation of Our Lord Parish

Elder Care Caring for an elder parent 24/7/365 can be stressful. If you’re the primary caretaker of a senior parishioner and need time to: run errands, go out for dinner with your spouse, have some “me” time, etc, our volunteers will Elder-Sit. Please contact the rectory for referral to our Parishioner Program! Assistance NOTE: If you’re a parishioner who could use assistance due to infirmity or, if you find yourself in a difficult financial situation, please contact the rectory for referral to our PARISHIONER PROGRAM!! All inquiries are CONFIDENTIAL! Any questions or comments please contact Ruth Herman @ or call 484-239-0243.   The St. Vincent de Paul Vision We provide support in an understanding, gentle and nonjudgmental manner to our parishioners and those within our parish territory. Our clients are important to us as people; we empathize with them and their challenges. They are members of our community and…

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For our parishioners who are unable to get out to the grocery store,  our “shoppers” will do it for you!  Just call the rectory by Tuesday evening and leave a message including your name and number.  One of our shoppers will return your call to gather your grocery list and address.  On Thursday, they will deliver your groceries to your door.  Payment can be in the form of cash or a check made out to the shopper. If you are ill or have difficulty getting around, please consider taking advantage of this service.