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Parish Pastoral Council formed at Incarnation of Our Lord Parish.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I am very grateful that a number of faithful parishioners have answered the call to be a part of a Parish Pastoral Council. It is a relief to know that good people are willing to share the burden of advancing progress in the life of our parish. Milissa Bolcar Rosemarie Csaszar Barbara Fiedler Ed Fiedler Nancy Hutt George Kostelnik Pat Krycia Anne Pecsek Beth Perkins John Stofanak Richard Szulborski David Turek John Vidumsky Josephine Zavecz Sr. Regina Sr. Roseann Deacon Steve Gorbos Ron Koach Here are the mission statements for each of the sections of parish life: Liturgy & Worship This area of Mission is to nourish and give direction to the liturgical and worship elements of parish life. The Mass and other liturgical celebrations are our central activities for praising God and receiving grace so we can better serve our parish and…

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