Change your life (for the better)!

Change your life (for the better)!

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Repent! Change your life (for the better)! This message is meant to be announced by all of us. Through Baptism we are all called to announce the truth and call for positive change in the world around us. Especially in a world that ignores and disrespects the human dignity of the poorest and most defenseless of the Father’s children.

This month we especially focus on children in their mother’s womb threatened by the sin of abortion. Our Church has bravely taken a prophetic stance in standing up for these innocent children and defending their right to life. All life is precious and we need to defend it in public, making our position known. Marching for life in Washington and speaking out is part of our vocation.

Please support pro-life efforts locally and nationally. If we were not physically present at the March in Washington, let us materially and spiritually support the cause. It is part of the the call to discipleship we have all received.

Our call to be prophets. It is what Jonah would do. It is what Peter, Andrew, James and John would do: Following Jesus.

God bless you all!
Fr. Dave

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