Children and the Elderly

Children and the Elderly

My Dear People,

Pope Francis has often said that the two categories of people most disrespected in to-day’s society are CHILDREN ant the ELDERLY. Both categories are wrongly seen as weak,dependent and a burden for those who are working and productive in our world. What could be further from the truth!

Children and their elders are given to us as a sign. The elderly as transmitters of the wisdom of the ages. Children as proof that we can be pure and innocent in today World. In today’s Holy Gospel, the holy child and a saintly elder meet. Simeon and the Child Jesus represent the most vulnerable members of our families.

As we rejoice and celebrate this Christmas season let us honor and reverence the weakest and the neediest members of our families. As you gather as a family to celebrate the feast of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, pray for those who need the most attention. God bless you and your families in this blessed season.

A Happy and Prosperous New Year to all!

Fr. Dave