Come to the Light

Come to the Light

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

“Come to the light!” We hear the invitation of Jesus to leave the shadows of our ignorance and selfishness. It is hard to travel through the darkness and enter the light because we often are unaware of the obstacles in our path. The brilliance of our goal blinds us because it seems impossible and unattainable.

Being conformed by grace into the image of the Risen Jesus is our goal! Let us not allow ourselves to be paralyzed by apathy and laziness—preferring the darkness to the light.

On night of the Easter Vigil we will begin our celebration in darkness. Then we turn our backs on it and proceed toward the invincible Light that is Jesus; walking together as the People of God.

What a beautiful image for our journey of faith this Lent! Let us walk united as the Church redeemed by His blood.

May Jesus bless you and your family and all in this Lenten journey.

—Fr. Dave