Happy Pentecost

Did you know that Pentecost means “fiftieth day”—it has been fifty days since the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday! But did you also know that Pentecost was the second of three great Jewish feasts? It is a day of gratitude and thanksgiving for the harvest.

So here we are in America, certainly not time for the harvest. What do we have to be thankful for? How about waking up this morning and being able to get up, get dressed and coming into Church in freedom? How about having food in the cabinet and the refrigerator? How about receiving the Body and Blood of Jesus offered to us? Do we take these things for granted or do we stop and realize that gifts (the harvest) that God gives to us each day of our lives?

Take a moment, say thank you, and live in His Gifting of the Holy Spirit.

And, in other news…

In a few weeks, we will begin our diocesan Bishop’s Annual Appeal phone-a-thon in order to reach out to members of our parish communities who have not yet made a gift to the 2017 BAA. In order to save our volunteers many hours, please respond with you gift decision in the next week. Remember, every gift counts, no gift is too small.

God bless,
Fr Cliff