How to Remain Connected to Him

How to Remain Connected to Him

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

The Risen Jesus gives us advice on how to re-main connected to Him even though He is now beyond our physical grasp. We experience Him in the love we show to others. Not the bland sentimentality of feeling, but the vigorous day-to-day dedication to service of others.

Our family, school, workplace and ESPECIALLY our parish family are the areas we find Him. Each day we find opportunities to reach out in love for others. It is sanctified and placed on the altar to be made one with Jesus’ offering when we attend Mass.

Look for opportunities to live lives of loving service. Volunteering and helping. Contributing time and talent and material assistance are great ways to obey the commandment we hear from the Risen Jesus; “Love one another”. May the rest of this holy season strengthen us to follow this life giving commandment!

Sincerely, in the Risen Jesus,
Fr. David J. Kozak