Incarnation of Our Lord Parish welcomes Holy Infancy School.

Incarnation Parish Welcomes Holy Infancy School

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Most of us have come from a faith tradition that handed down the regular practice of prayer as something natural and common. Today’s society is so different! A family that prays together, stays together. That was a well-accepted truth that nobody contested or contradicted. Children or grandchildren learned to pray at home, sometimes in other languages! Parents and grandparents fulfilled their obligations as first teachers of the faith. Rarely did trey push off that responsibility onto religion class or Catholic School. It was a common effort—formal education and home instruction.

Today is very different! The home life of many children is radically different with many parents either absent or severely weakened so many of Jesus’ little ones are crying out: “Lord, teach us to pray!”

Who hears them and answers the call? What a joy that our school building will be used to house a teaching program that includes sharing Jesus with children and teaching them to pray. We at Incarnation of Our Lord Parish are committed to welcome Holy Infancy School to our location. Why? because THAT was the reason our school was founded; to give children a learning environment that includes Jesus and prayer.

May Jesus bless the new occupants of our school building an guide them with the light of the Holy Spirit. We are behind you and support you!

Sincerely in Jesus,
Fr. David J. Kozak