Introducing New Generations to a Friendship with Jesus

Introducing New Generations to a Friendship with Jesus

“Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them.” Jesus’ words in today’s Holy Gospel are a challenge to all of us. We must ask how effective are we as a church in introducing new generations of Catholics to a friendship with Jesus.

Do we pass on only rules and dogmas or do we help them find a living PERSON who unconditionally loves and accepts them. Once they get to know that Jesus, then they will uncover the truth of our Christian way of life and act accordingly. Let us try to repair the damage bad example causes when we do not live as true disciples of Jesus. When children and you see their elders conducting themselves as true followers of Him who loved children the will grow into fine children.

We strive to provide solid religious formation in the Catholic School system and in parish religious education programs. The best help to them is their FAMILY’S constant interest in their faith development in a deep friendship with Jesus.

Let the little children come to Him through our living witness to our faith May Jesus bless all involved with sharing the faith with both children and adults in Catholic schools, religious education and the RCIA classes that are beginning. Also don’t forget weekly Bible study for adults. See me for details.

—Fr. Dave