Journeying With You on the Road of Faith

Journeying With You on the Road of Faith

My Dear Parishioners and Friends,

Since I arrived in Bethlehem to journey together with you on the road of faith I have been keeping my eyes and ears open. What I see and hear brings me joy and hope. You are doing SO MUCH for Jesus and our church. I share the feelings that St. Paul expressed in today’s second reading “We give thanks to God always for all of you…calling to mind your WORKS OF FAITH, your LABOR OF LOVE, and ENDURANCE IN HOPE. All these are clearly seen in the important activities of worship (Servers, Readers, Choir Members, Sacristans), administration of our day to day affairs by a capable lay staff, and
fund raising.

Things like noodle and pierogi making, preparing for the Fall Fair, etc. are vitally important.

I urge everyone to support these activities. See you around enjoying good food and fun.

May Jesus bless us!

God bless,
Fr. Dave