Communion in the Yellow Phase

Mass in the Yellow Phase

Masses are back! To make this happen during the COVID-19 Yellow Phase, we have to live under these guidelines:

  1. You do NOT have to attend Mass in the Yellow Phase if you feel uncomfortable, worry about crowds, are ill or at high risk. The obligation to attend Mass is suspended until we enter the Green Phase.
  2. You MUST wear a face covering (mask) while in the Church. This is for your safety and everyone else’s safety. The COVID-19 virus has not gone away. It is still here and searching for victims to infect.
  3. You must sanitize your hands before entering the Church and upon leaving. Incarnation of Our Lord Church have been disinfected and decontaminated by a remediation company and will be done regularly.
  4. Please maintain social distance of six feet in the pews and aisles. Blue tape will indicate where you can sit. Families/same households can sit together.
  5. We are allowed 25% of capacity (about 112 people) at each Mass.
  6. All hymnals have been removed from the pews.
  7. Please do NOT leave anything in the pews.
  8. There is to be NO gathering of any kind in the vestibules of the Church.
  9. Do NOT pick up bulletins. An usher will distribute them as you leave the Church.
  10. Live stream recording of the 4 p.m. Saturday Mass and the 10 a.m. Mass will continue for those who are more comfortable to remain safely at home.
  11. There will be NO offertory procession or basket connection. (That’s right, the basket will not be passed.) Instead, you are asked to place your offering (envelopes, check or cask) in the basket in the front of the Church, clearly visible. You can place your offering envelopes there at the end of Mass after you have received communion.
  12. Communion will not be distributed at the usual time. It will be distributed after Mass. Why? It is safer for everyone. Everyone (starting with the last row of pews) will approach the altar by the center aisle, keeping social distance and leave the Church immediately after receiving Holy Communion.
  13. When receiving Communion, you will move your mask aside.
  14. Receiving Communion in the hand is preferred method. However, if you wish to receive it in the traditional way on the tongue, please follow these guidelines:
    1. Wait until those who are receiving communion in the hand have all received communion BEFORE you approach the altar.
    2. Open your mouth as wide as you can.
    3. Stick out your tongue as far as you can.
    4. Tilt your head back.
    5. Do not move your head. Keep it still.
    6. Do not close your mouth fast and lick the priest’s fingers (This DOES happen!).
  15. Please do not congregate in the vestibules of the Church. Please leave. You can socialize outside the Church building with masks on using Social Distancing.