Of This We are All Witnesses

My dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

“0f this we are all witnesses”. Saint Peter gets to the heart of describing what the Christian vocation truly is. Our life needs to bear witness to our firm belief that Jesus has conquered sin and death. How faithful are we to that calling? By our actions, our words, our attitude we must testify to the Resurrection. “I have seen the Risen One! He is not dead but alive and wants to share His life with us all.“

That’s a message the world needs to hear. Old structures need to be strengthened and renewed. The freshness of the Gospel message needs to be proclaimed to a new generation. Are we capable of that? After all, our parish communities have been around a long time. We are no “spring chickens”!

Of course we can! The power of Christ’s Resurrection is our assurance of new life and hope; as individuals and as a parish community. Your enthusiastic participation in the sacramental life of
the Church indicates that fact . We have been witnessing to His love for many generations here on the South Side of Bethlehem as part of Holy Mother the Church. With every confidence let us
proclaim to all our neighbors that there is abundant life in Christ.

May you and your families be richly blessed with every grace needed to be eternally youthful in the Spirit of the Risen Jesus!

Christ is Risen! Truly He is Risen!

—Fr. Dave