My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

The Aril 7th Gospel reading introduces us into the final Lenten period of our church life: Passiontide. We gaze into the eyes of a Savior who encourages us to “go and sin no more.” Our reaction should be one of loving gratitude after having experienced His pardon and mercy.

The sinful woman in today’s Gospel reading had an unforgettable experience! The only requirement was a firm resolution to not return to sin. What about ingrained habits, lifestyles even addictions. All our will power and strength of character are not enough without help from above. Help from Him. Sacramental grace in penance and Holy Eucharist can do wonders in changing our behavior.

Turning our will and our life over to Him is the key. This is the way we die to self and crucify our old person and are reborn. May these days of Passiontide be ones of loving surrender to His will for us. I am hoping that many of you can participate in the Holy Week services which are drawing ever nearer. Praying and worshiping together provides the mutual support necessary to approach the Cross of Jesus, our greatest hope. Let us pray for the conversion of sinners, all of US!

May our Merciful Savior bless you all!
Fr. David J. Kozak