Pruning the Branches

Pruning the Branches

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Pruning the branches is hard work! Jesus promises to help us in the essential work of getting rid of the superfluous aspects of our lives. So much is not needed. So much is extra. All we need is Jesus.

Giving up things is not just for Lent. Living the new life of the risen Christ means being unburdened of these hindrances to spiritual growth. The goal is to remain united to Jesus as branches on the Vine. He is the True Vine that gives us all we need to lead happy and fulfilled lives. Sure it means doing without many unnecessary and selfish things, but the payback is great. Eternal life!

A great idea would be to use some of these resources that we do not need to help those in need and in furthering the work of service of out Diocese through the Bishop’s Annual Appeal. Let us follow the example of Jesus and “live simply so that others may simply live.”

May He bless you for your care and generosity.

In Christ,
Fr. Dave