Putting the Christian Spin on Our World is not an Easy Task

Putting the Christian Spin on Our World is not an Easy Task

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Today’s readings again focus on the prophetic call and vocation. The Lord chose Amos to come out of his day-to-day grind as a “dresser of sycamores” and follow a new path. A prophetic calling is a vocation not to be taken lightly.

Unlike Amos we exercise our calling within our daily activities. We need family prophets, workplace prophets, school and university voices that make God’s will known. Putting the Christian spin on our world is not an easy task. We will be fought every step of the way when we try to bring Jesus and His message into our daily lives.

He promised us that when He sent out the disciples two by two to announce the message of salvation. Some will judge us and think we are working for our own self interest. Shaking the dust from our feet does NOT mean giving up on our brothers and sisters who reject Jesus. It means redoubling our efforts in living our faith authentically. You can be a prophet in deeds as well as words. Often witnessing with our lives is worth more than a hundred arguments about the faith. Proclaim with your words and deeds that “God loves us so much that He sent us His only Son”.

God bless you!
Fr. David J. Kozak