Recharge Our Batteries

Recharge Our Batteries

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The compassionate gaze of the Good Shepherd sees lost and needy sheep in search of guidance and protection. His heart is inflamed with a desire to provide this for them. We are that flock who turn to Him as our only refuge and help. Let us trust Jesus to provide priests after His own Heart.

Many priests take time out during the summer months to “recharge our batteries” on the spiritual level with a retreat. Islands of serenity and peace dot the landscape in our part of the country. Retreat houses and saintly and learned spiritual guides provide direction and support so that we may, in turn help you. Be sure that I remember you during my spiritual retreat and hope and pray that I can translate the fruits of my retreat into pastoral action in service of my good people in South Bethlehem. May I be energized to give you better service through closer union with Jesus the Good Shepherd.

Did YOU ever spend some time away on a spiritual retreat? It could make you better spouses, parents, children and retirees and singles. The spiritual walk with Jesus is for ALL categories of Christians and is bound to help. Ask myself or one of the Sisters for nearby locations and resources. Give it a try! It may change your life.

God bless you!
Fr. Dave