Saint Teresa of Kolkatta

Mother Theresa, who was canonized on September 4th, 2016, will be most remembered for her selfless charity. As we are all aware, Mother Teresa worked with the poorest of the poor in Kolkatta, India, serving lepers and others who would otherwise suffer without care. Her services were given freely, and her example was followed by the sisters in the order she founded, the Missionaries of Charity. Here are three reasons why we should rejoice:

  1. Mother Teresa has inspired thousands of followers in several nations as well as individual acts of kindness around the globe. She has been mentioned as a charitable inspiration by world leaders.
  2. Another reason why Mother Teresa is important is not one that is normally advertised. Mother Teresa had grave doubts about God and her relationship with Him. She questioned His presence, saying on numerous occasions she did not feel it at all. Mother Teresa said she felt this way because she saw so much suffering in the world, which is a common problem for many who question the existence and nature of God. What is important is not that she doubted, but that she lived a faithful life in spite of her doubts. Mother Teresa knew that regardless of feeling God’s presence, there was a form of right and wrong that had to be obeyed. She knew that right required charity. She demonstrated that a person can live a faith-filled life even when filled with doubt.
  3. Her message is universal. No matter what religion a person is, or if they don’t believe at all, Mother Teresa’s life message was to embrace suffering, especially that of the poor. One of the great tragedies of our time, and indeed of all time, is that we tend to shun the suffering or at least avoid interacting with them. Yet suffering is often intensified by solitude and assuaged by company. even a small kindness can have a tremendous impact on a person’s suffering. People have abandoned suicide plans, have changed faiths, and have gone on to do great things because of small gestures of kindness.

I encourage you to remember one of the Saints’ favorite sayings: God does not call us to be successful, only faithful. Through her intercession may our strides toward faithfulness bring us God’s Mercy and Rewards.

God Bless,
Father Cliff