Solemnity of Mary’s Assumption, Tuesday, Aug. 15th

Mass for this Holy Day will he at 8 a.m., at the at St Vincent de Paul Chapel, at the former Holy Ghost Convent next to Holy Ghost Church on Carlton Ave.

My Dear Parishioners and Friends,

Tuesday of this week we celebrate the Solemnity of Mary’s Assumption, that Mary did not suffer physical corruption after her death. She was taken body and soul upon her death into heaven. What is the significance of this feast?

Let’s take a look at recent Papal Writings for this. Pope Benedict XVI wrote that “precisely because Mary is with God and in God, she is very close to each one of us. While she lived on this earth she could only be close to a few people. Being in God, who is actually ‘within’ all of us, Mary shares in this closeness of God.”

Our Lady “knows out hearts, can hear our prayers, can help us with her motherly kindness. She always listens to us and, being Mother of the Son, participates in the power of the Son and in his goodness. We can always entrust the whole of our lives to this Mother.”

The Blessed Mother’s birth into heaven generates in us “an ever new capacity to await God’s Future” (St. John Paul II). “Mary lifted herself up to such lofty heights of heaven that the Word reached down from the highest pinnacle of heaven and took her in” (Ambrose Autpert, +784 A.D.)

As we experience the joy of this Solemnity this week, may we also experience the joy of a Mother who loves each of us deeply.

God Bless,
Father Cliff