Spiritual Mirror Image by Med Ahabchane from pixabay.com

Spiritual Mirror

The Christmas season comes to a conclusion with a celebration of Jesus’ baptism by John in the Jordan. This should cause us to grow in gratitude for our own adoption as children of God.

At our baptism the Father called us, “His Child! His Beloved!”. This should truly be an antidote to all the negative opinions and views we have concerning our worthiness. No one can remove the divine imprint, the seal of baptism that we received. Remember to live accordingly. Living a life worthy of or status as God’s children is not always easy.

Many challenges face us in our daily lives that cause us to act unworthily. Living beneath our dignity as Children of God is the chief obstacle to spiritual growth.

When we look at ourselves in the “spiritual mirror”, which is out daily examination of conscience, do we see only the faults and failings? Can we see sparks of adoption as God’s child? A lot depends on our answers. We grow in gratitude and love of God when we see the good in ourselves brought by sanctifying grace. Let us join Jesus in the Jordan receiving our divine adoption.

May the New Year be filled with opportunity to show we are His sons and daughters.

Your Pastor and Friend,
Fr. David J. Kozak