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The peace I give

This third Sunday in Advent we focus on the great job that the coming of Jesus brings us. The joy of a lame person beginning to walk, a blind person having their sight restored can only be beaten by our joy when we hear Jesus say: “Go, your sins are forgiven.” That is a joy you cannot find at the mall or on Amazon. Only through the sacramental life of the Church can we find the peace that the world cannot give. What are your priorities for the rest of this holy season? Is confession a part of your Christmas preparation? On Thursday, December 19th, 6-7pm the Holy Infancy CCD program is having confession for their students and any adult from our community is invited. Please prepare well for the wondrous time of celebrating our Savior’s Incarnation. There is no better way to experience His joy and peace. Wishing you…

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Advent Candle

My Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ, The first Sunday of Advent is our liturgical new year celebration. Once again, the cycle of salvation begins. Let us adapt and adopt a regular custom and make some new year resolutions. The mystery of God taking flesh is the whole point of our holiday celebration—although secular society may not realize it. Jesus came into the world to taste everything human. He was like us in all things except sin. That means that even now we can find God in our day-to-day human activities. In the daily struggle to lead a decent human life, we need divine help and companionship. He still is with us. Especially in the sacraments, in the word proclaimed, the bread and wine consecrated and truly made His sacred Body and Blood. Let our Advent resolution be not to look for God high above the clouds in the distance.…

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Searching for Lost Sheep

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, In today’s Church, we must strive to imitate Jesus and search for the “lost sheep”, the “lost coin” and actively search out the “prodigal sons” who have strayed. ALL of us; not just the pastor must seek out inactive Catholic Christians who need our help. The offer of a ride to church for Mass, a listening ear to expressions of hurt and frustration along with guidance and good advice can do a lot in reconciling our friends and family who do not participate in our faith life. We need to imitate Jesus who came to seek out and help those who are lost. Please direct them to me if they have issues to resolve with church practice or doctrine. I pledge to do all I can in trying to imitate the Good Shepherd. Sometimes the invitation to return can start with a social…

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Dedication of Holy Infancy School

Text by TAMI QUIGLEY, AD Times Staff Writer Photos by John Simitz The morning of Sept. 6 marked a red-letter day in the history of Holy Infancy School, Bethlehem as the date marked the blessing of the new school in Southside Bethlehem. The school moved across the street from Holy Infancy Church to the former SS. Cyril and Methodius School building next to Incarnation of Our Lord Church. “It is a passing on of the tradition of the newer and beautiful building from SS. Cyril and Methodious to Holy Infancy,” said Father Andrew Gehringer, pastor of Holy Infancy. “Holy Infancy is celebrating 125 years of continuous Catholic education, now at its third building.” Father Gehringer explained the first two Holy Infancy Schools were located across the street from the parish, one of which was the original Bethlehem Catholic High School. Jeanne Negron-Garcia, an alumna of Holy Infancy School and parishioner…

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Martha & Mary with Jesus

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ! There is an old Polish proverb that states: “Having a guest in the house is like having God in the house”. This expresses sincere sentiments of Christian hospitality, but something even deeper; acknowledging that Jesus is among us and always will be. When dry periods in our spiritual lives come; as indeed they will, find Jesus in the people around you. Especially the weak and sufferingshow us Jesus. Help meet their needs like Martha did, or just sit at His feet like Mary. Either way, we will be enriched spiritually. Many thanks to those who continue to attend Mass and support your parish even during these vacation months. Be sure Jesus is with you, either at the shore or on Carlton Avenue or Thomas street. You are in my thoughts and prayers! Fr. David J. Kozak

How do you remain connected to Jesus?

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ! The Risen Jesus gives us advice on how to re-main connected to Him even though He is now beyond our physical grasp. We experience Him in the love we show to others. Not the bland sentimentality of feeling, but the vigorous day-to-day dedication to service of others. Our family, school, workplace and ESPECIALLY our parish family are the areas we find Him. Each day we find opportunities to reach out in love for others. It is sanctified and placed on the altar to be made one with Jesus’ offering when we attend Mass. Look for opportunities to live lives of loving service. Volunteering and helping. Contributing time and talent and material assistance are great ways to obey the commandment we hear from the Risen Jesus; “Love one another”. May the rest of this holy season strengthen us to follow this life giving commandment!…

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Truly He is Risen!

My Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ, Christ is Risen! Truly He is Risen The presence of the Risen Jesus fills the world with joy. We must have open hearts to receive Him. Especially in the Word of God proclaimed in Church and in the Easter sacraments Christ is alive! Your presence and support of the parish is a sign of His presence. Look for Him! Search for Him! Just as He was present to Mary Magdalene and the first witness to the resurrection, so now, He is with us. As you gather for your holiday feast and to enjoy the birth of nature around us, pray to recognize the Risen Jesus. He is there, if you search for Him in faith. Thank you for your active supportive participation in the life of our Church. May the Risen Jesus bless you! Happy Easter to all! —Fr. David J. Kozak


My Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ, What’s the problem with the older son in the famous parable? He himself could not understand a loving father’s wasteful love. Why should he waste all that love and affection on a son who clearly did not deserve it? The older son could not find a way to adopt his father’s way of judging the younger son with mercy and compassion. He felt it was unearned and undeserved. The unconditional love of the father was beyond his comprehension. During this Lenten season of conversion and return to the Father we are challenged to enter into this parable and identify with one of the personages. With whom did you identify? Out salvation might depend on our answer. Only those who show mercy, even toward the undeserving will be shown mercy. Thank heaven that we have a prodigal Father who is willing to forgive both…

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God of the Living

My Dear Parishioners, MID-LENT CHECK-IN God says to Moses, “This is what you shall tell the Israelites: I AM sent me to you…The LORD, the God of your [ancestors], the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob” (Exodus 3:14, 15). As Jesus would later say, God is not a God of the dead, but of the living, and so we believe that the dead will one day rise. At this midpoint of Lent, we pause to consider how our repentance is leading us to the Resurrection, to our reunion with the great “I AM.” Part of our repentance involves working to secure justice for all and helping our neighbor to live in God’s ways. We encourage each other and nurture each other, like the compassionate gardener of today’s Gospel, who tells the owner of the orchard that he will nurture the tree, fertilize it, and perhaps…

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I confess, Lord, it’s been a while, and I feel ashamed. My guilt just seemed to get in the way, and now I’ve put this off for too long. Why do I let myself stray so far from you when I know in my heart that you have never left? I am afraid, Lord, that if I reveal myself to you, show you who I have become, you will not recognize me as your own. So I beg, look upon me as you would look upon your Son, Jesus, that you might see and love in me what you see and love in Christ. Then when I rise up and go to you, I shall be overwhelmed with love when I see you running to me with your arms wide open. Amen. Praying for a fruitful Lenten season for you and your families, I remain sincerely yours in our Crucified…

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