Are We on God's Side

Are We on God’s Side?

My Dear Parishioners,

Jesus teaches us to have mercy and compassion, even towards people whom we consider to be unworthy. It was possible years ago to politely disagree about politics, religion and what is the best flavor of ice cream.

Today it too often turns into a resentful battle to see who is right. Often it is shouted “God is on our side!”. Abraham Lincoln said the better question would be, “Are we on God’s side?”. Judgmental accusations hurled against those who disagree with us are directly contrary to the word of our Savior in today’s Gospel reading.

Loving our enemies is perhaps the most difficult commandment of Jesus. Let us re-member that He died praying for his enemies and forgiving them, as did St. Stephen the first martyr. Let us make our faith a reality through our words and actions. O Sacred Heart of Jesus make our Hearts more like yours!

God bless you!
Father David J. Kozak