Blind Leading the Blind

Never Too Late!

What reassuring words these are as we prepare for the holy season of Lent. Have past penitential seasons really changed us or
was it all for “show”?

The cross of ashes on our foreheads, the purple décor in church, the more solemn music at Mass should reflect what is transpiring inside our hearts. If it does not; then the “H word” (hypocrite) that Jesus uses in today’s Gospel reading should also sting our conscience.

Looking for splinters in others eyes than our own needs to stop. We can only do it through God’s grace and our willing cooperation with it through penitential practices.

I recommend to you:
•The Sacrament of Confession
•Frequent celebration of Holy Mass
•Attending Stations of the Cross
•Attending our “Healing God’s Church” sessions
•Giving up excessive concern that others notice our piety.

If we are faithful to this program we can “bear good fruit” as urged by our Savior. It’s not too late. Things can always be turned around to make our lives more sincere and pleasing to Him. Let us do it together, supporting one another on the journey.

Please pray for your fellow brothers and sisters in the parish and for me!

God bless you all!
Fr. David J. Kozak