The peace I give

Peace that the World Cannot Give

This third Sunday in Advent we focus on the great job that the coming of Jesus brings us. The joy of a lame person beginning to walk, a blind person having their sight restored can only be beaten by our joy when we hear Jesus say: “Go, your sins are forgiven.” That is a joy you cannot find at the mall or on Amazon. Only through the sacramental life of the Church can we find the peace that the world cannot give.

What are your priorities for the rest of this holy season? Is confession a part of your Christmas preparation? On Thursday, December 19th, 6-7pm the Holy Infancy CCD program is having confession for their students and any adult from our community is invited. Please prepare well for the wondrous time of celebrating our Savior’s Incarnation. There is no better way to experience His joy and peace.

Wishing you all the best and promising my prayers, I remain,
Your Pastor and Friend,
Fr. David J. Kozak