Advent Candle

The Cycle of Salvation Begins

My Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

The first Sunday of Advent is our liturgical new year celebration. Once again, the cycle of salvation begins. Let us adapt and adopt a regular custom and make some new year resolutions.

The mystery of God taking flesh is the whole point of our holiday celebration—although secular society may not realize it. Jesus came into the world to taste everything human. He was like us in all things except sin. That means that even now we can find God in our day-to-day human activities. In the daily struggle to lead a decent human life, we need divine help and companionship. He still is with us. Especially in the sacraments, in the word proclaimed, the bread and wine consecrated and truly made His sacred Body and Blood.

Let our Advent resolution be not to look for God high above the clouds in the distance. Rather, let us search for Him in our human reality; in the world He came to save and sanctify.

Too often we expect God to appear in amazing spiritual experiences. What if He prefers to reach out to us in the ordinary events we encounter daily: the smile of a small child, the courage of a critically ill friend or the cry of the person in need? That is often the case even today.

Let us be wide awake and alert. May Jesus help us celebrate His coming with gratitude and love.

Sincerely in Christ,
Your Friend and Pastor,
Fr. David J. Kozak